Acne Treatment Bangkok

Acne Treatment Bangkok, Thailand

Acne is a common skin condition that affects many individuals. Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok offers a specialized program called Acne Clear Plus, designed to address acne issues. This article explores the benefits of this acne treatment and how it helps clients get rid of acne. Additionally, we examine the reasons why Acne Clear Plus stands out as one of the best acne treatments in Bangkok.

Acne Clear Plus Program

Acne Clear Plus is an acne improvement program that has assisted more than 10,000 clients since 2005. It is designed not only to reduce acne and other irritations but also to prevent new acne and improve skin structure within a short period. Noticeable changes can be seen after the first session, with apparent results within 3-4 sessions.

Components of the Program

  1. Acne Care Treatment: This treatment targets skin irritation, inflamed acne, and comedo acne. It hydrates the skin and helps reduce, control, and prevent new acne. It also aids in restructuring the skin back to its normal stage.
  2. Acne Extraction: This procedure is effective for comedo acne removal, including blackheads and whiteheads extraction. It must be performed by specialists to prevent further inflammation and acne scars.
  3. Home Care with Three Creams: Customized creams are provided for use at home to reduce, control, and prevent acne. They also help in restructuring the skin to return to normal after having acne for a long time.

How Acne Care Treatment Reduces Acne

Utilizing Advanced Technology

Acne Care treatment uses a mix of wave generation machine (Phonophoresis), vitamins, nourishment gels, and Acne Mask. The machine assists in the penetration of vitamins and nourishment gels, making the healing process faster. The Acne Mask helps reduce inflammation, making existing acne less red.

Benefits of Acne Extraction

Effective Removal of Comedones

Acne extraction is an effective way to get rid of comedones, which can make the skin appear rough in texture. It can quickly clear up unsightly acne and decrease inflammatory acne lesions.

Benefits of the Three Creams

Customized Skin Care at Home

The three creams provided in each session are customized to the client’s current problem. They work simultaneously with Acne Care Treatment to provide more effective results within a short period.

Suitability of Acne Clear Plus

For Various Skin Types

Acne Clear Plus is suitable for people with short-to-long period comedo acne, inflamed acne, and/or skin irritation. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, as the components are adjusted according to the skin type to provide the best benefits without causing side effects or allergies.


Puttharaksa Aesthetic Bangkok’s Acne Clear Plus program offers a comprehensive solution for those struggling with acne. With a combination of specialized acne treatments and home care, it aims to reduce and prevent acne, improve skin structure, and provide consistent results. The program’s success in resolving acne for over 10,000 clients attests to its effectiveness and quality. Whether dealing with inflamed acne or skin irritation, Acne Clear Plus is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, making it a valuable option for those seeking to improve their skin condition.

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